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How would you like to change your life?

Life Coach boxout text: "Opening the door to positive change"Do you find the things you have to do overtake the things you want to do?
Would you like to know how to save your energy and use it to best effect?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything life throws at you?

Do you ever feel there’s something missing from your life?
Do you sometimes see yourself as “trapped” in a situation?
Want to change something in your life, and not sure how or what to change?

Hearing about changes at work and not sure how you’ll cope?
Keeping your confidence high sometimes seem an uphill struggle?
Facing difficult choices and don’t know which way to turn?

What is life coaching?

A Life Coach can help you move forward in ways that perhaps you hadn’t considered.

Whatever your difficulty or concern, acknowledging a different point of view gives you a new slant on the situation.

A Life Coach will use challenging questions to help you reassess where you are and then help you work out where you want to be.

Life Coaching is about having a conversation – a focussed, confidential conversation with an unbiased person who helps you bring new perspectives to old issues.

If you've decided to stop smoking or you're committed to changing your shape, hypnotherapy can help facilitate the changes you desire.

Every individual is unique and faces different challenges in different circumstances - there is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Liz Westbrook is a fully accredited Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist working mainly in the Leeds, Bradford and Ilkley areas of West Yorkshire. She works with organisations and individuals from all walks of life and has a particular understanding of the media industry.

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